Thursday Throwback – June 30, 2011

For better or for worse the Chemical Brothers played an integral role in bringing electronic music to the masses in the mid 90s. Being backed by a major label certainly didn’t hurt, as it funded their music videos and got their music out there via widespread distribution.

Today’s throwback – a collaboration with Noel Gallagher – really sealed the deal. The music video saw regular rotation here in Canada on Much Music (back when they actually played music videos) and the single debuted at number one in UK. No doubt this, along with Gallagher’s vocals, brought “electronic” (I use the term somewhat loosely) to a whole new demographic.

Coincidentally this was actually the first MP3 I ever downloaded. I have no idea where I found it – MP3s were fairly new at the time and it wasn’t till a few years later that file sharing become more prominent.

Personally I wouldn’t say this is the best track by the Chemical Brothers, nor does it stand the test of time as much of some of the other throwbacks I’ve posted, but it definitely represents a key turning point in electronic music in my humble opinion.

Chemical Brother’s “Setting Sun” feat. Noel Gallagher c. 1996:

For those of you in Canada: have a great Canada Day. For those of you not: you should visit some time, it’s nice here.

P.S. sorry for the lateness in posting this – vacation followed by work followed by intense writing/jam session in preparation for The WAX recording in a couple weeks!

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