2016 – Operation Hardcore OST

2014 – Time & Space EP (Influenza Media)

2014 – Battle for Planet Earth (independent)

2014 – The Island EP (Ambra Recordings)

2012 – Starstruck EP

2010 – Time Travel

“Aaron [Collier] and I listened to the Snug CD on our drive home a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed it – great work” – Craig Mercer (The Jimmy Swift Band, Scientists of Sound, Craig Mercer and The Will Be Gones)

“From the haunting melodies that send chills down your spine, to the rich, rolling basslines that resonate in your bones – this is going to be one hell of an experience!” – Steve McCoy (DJ Gamma, promoter for Soulselecta @ Brixton’s, Ottawa)


See my Projects page for other things I’ve worked on, such as indie game projects.