Thursday Throwback – Jan 13, 2011

I knew for sure that I wanted to share a track from V Recording’s V Classics compilation (c. 1997) for this week’s throwback… but which one? It was a tough decision, but ultimately I settled on this:

Most people would probably know of Krust from his classic track, Warhead, but personally I think this is a much more well-rounded track. The intro may be a touch long, and the drop a tad repetitive, but I find the two balance out quite well. And as with most Krust tracks of this period there’s lots of interesting ear-candy – squelches, weird industrial noises, etc.

This was one of my first vinyls and I’m sure I started many a set with this track. I’d definitely suggest finding yourself a copy of V Classics if you were at all a fan of drum & bass during this era – I’m sure it will bring back lots of memories. And even if you weren’t it will be a good lesson in drum & bass history 🙂

Thursday Throwback – Jan 6, 2011

For the first throwback of 2011 I’m going to share another track that helped to solidify my love of drum & bass, and more specifically, atmospheric/intelligent drum & bass.

For those who don’t know, LTJ Bukem is generally regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre and still active today. He ran Good Looking and related labels, known for the classic Points in Time compilations.

The credit on this is actually Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need you) (LTJ Bukem Remix). It was released in 93, which for some reason I never fully realized until today. Anyway, enjoy!

Thursday Throwback – Dec 30, 2010

Last one of 2010! Going to take a (brief) break from the techy stuff this week and end the year off with something a little more organic, circa 1997. I would credit this as one of the tunes that got me into drum & bass and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The fact that it had a music video made it that much more accessible – I actually remember seeing it on Much Music. Despite being accessible, this is by no means a cliché track and it definitely broke new ground at the time. Check it:

See you in new year!

Thursday Throwback #1 – Dec 9, 2010

I’m starting a new series here on the blog called Thursday Throwback: every Thursday I’ll post up a tune from the past – likely drum & bass, likely from my vinyl collection – and provide a little commentary where applicable

So without further ado here’s the selection for this week:

Consequently this was one of my first vinyls, if not the first. Also, I heard it at one of the first raves I attended, if not the first! So, a definite classic and a big throwback for me in all regards.

Blazing through the techmosphere (new drum & bass mix)

A smooth blend of melodic, atmospheric and techmospheric drum & bass and drumstep.

Blazing through the techmosphere – September 2010 by Snug

01 ASC – Focus Inwards
02 Blue Motion – Leaving Home
03 ASC – Stardust
04 Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba remix)
05 Jubei – Outcast
06 Mav – Ocean Phantom
07 KM & Paralyzah – Nega
08 Kharm – Hiding Place
09 Modemellow – Plasma Surface
10 Mendalayev & Cutworks – Across the Space
11 Kubiks & Lomax – Get it on
12 LM1 & Kharm – Duplicity
13 Seba – Arsenic
14 Snug – Starstruck