Snug @ Soulselecta (Ottawa)

SNUG, AKA Adam McLellan, has always been fascinated by the intersection of music and technology. He was introduced to electronic music at a young age through a combination of community radio and the BBS art/demo scene and quickly found a place in Ottawa’s rave scene as a DJ and promoter. By the early 2000s he had shared the stage with national and international talent such as Total Science, Ray Keith, AK1200, Mistress Barbara, Angel Alanis, Mark EG and DAVE the Drummer.

Snug @ O-Town Classics (Ottawa)

DIVERSITY is the keyword for Snug: he’s been known to play sets ranging from house to techno to drum & bass and everything in between. His original productions tend to tread the line between downtempo and drum & bass–combining the depth and downbeat of the former with the intensity and syncopation of the latter. Since his move to Halifax in 2007 he’s branched out and has been writing and producing for electronic-infused bands including The WAX, Arcadia Sound and Machina Analytica, as well as performing live hard techno under the moniker “Dr. Beardsley”.

Snug @ Bassment Bump (Halifax)

Snug’s first full-length solo release was 2010’s “Time Travel”, which he’s since followed up with several singles, remixes, EPs, and 2014’s video-game inspired full-length concept album “Battle for Planet Earth”.

Releases on: Influenza Media (Germany), Ambra (Lithuania), Soul Flex Digital (UK), Broken Records (US), Truespin Records (Canada), Lasersquid (Canada)

DJ support from: Zen Dub (UK), Mauoq (UK), Red Catz (SoulRed, Belarus), Eavesdrop (New Zealand), X-cam (2DEEP, Russia), Marc Bones (Canada), Andrew Duke (Canada)

Select Touring History

  • Ottawa: Sundays @ The Well (residency, 1998-99), Interface (Live PA) (1999), Release (1999), Delicate Beats (1999), Release 2 (2000), Blast Off (2000), Getdafukup (2000), Ready 2 Rumble (2000), Ray Keith @ Babylon (2001), CD01 (2001), Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 (2002), Mistress Barbara @ Surface (2002), Play (2002), Lexicon 2 (2003), Soulselecta (Live PA) (2010), Futurhythm radio (2011), Soulselecta (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Fredericton: The Capital Complex (2011, 2012), Zombieland (2012), Fusion Nightlife (2012), Future Forest Fest (2013)
  • Halifax: New Year’s @ Rockbottom (Live PA) (2009), Earthdance (2010), The Deep End (residency, 2010 to present), Patchwork @ 1668 (2010), Patchwork (Fall) @ The Paragon (2010), FuturePresent launch party (2011), The Seahorse with TWRP (Dr. Beardsley Live PA) (2011), Patchwork @ Gus’ Pub (2012), Kollektiv (Dr. Beardsley Live PA) (2012), Kollektiv 2 (Dr Beardsley Live PA) (2013), Baseline (2014), Revive (2014), We Shall Be Amused (2014), Kollektiv 4 (2014)

Awards & Nominations

  • (nominated) MNS “Electronic recording of the year” (2011) – Time Travel
  • (nominated) MNS “DJ of the year “(2014)
  • (nominated) ECMA “Electronic recording of the year” (2015) – Time & Space
  • (won) Brother – Breathbox remix competition (Fokuz records)
  • (won) Radias – Monsoon Summer remix competition (Soul Flex Digital)
  • (won) The Blissfits – Je Me Souviens remix competition (Truespin Records)

What people are saying…

  • “I absolutely love this song. F’n beautiful work!!!”
  • “Thats a crisp sounding dnb track right there!”
  • “D&B at its finest!”
  • perfect blend of pads and drums”
  • very smooth and nicely progressing atmos and overall sound”
  • aha oh sh*t i used to bag this guys groceries at superstore, you have some awesome music dude!”