2019 – Undermine

Undermine is an upcoming survival horror game by independent game developer and musician Adam McLellan (Snug). It offers a unique twist on the survival horror genre, featuring randomized levels and roguelike elements.

  • Traverse a series of increasingly difficult randomized levels, upgrading your stats and gear along the way
  • Use items like compasses, maps, beacons, and the MonPro 2000 to aid you in navigating the depths of the mine
  • Collect miner’s notes and secret documents to learn the story of a conspiracy gone horribly wrong
  • Interact with all elements of the environment: knock over barrels to create a distraction, break rocks to find gold and gems
  • Music and sound design by Snug

Coming soon to Steam.

2019 – Brainmelter Deluxe

Brainmelter Deluxe is a challenging, reflex-based platform game with a (literal) twist: the level rotates 90 degrees when you jump.

  • procedurally generated levels mean no two runs are exactly the same
  • beautifully hand illustrated cutscenes
  • over-the-top physics-based deaths
  • lush retro-inspired graphics, contemporized with modern dynamic lighting and particle effects
  • a silky smooth funk and instrumental hip-hop soundtrack to help ease your saltiness

Coming soon to Steam.

2018 – Cosmic Ray

The Earth’s sun is about to die. Scientists predict we have, at most, 5 days remaining. The world as we know it is about to end…

Cosmic Ray to the rescue! His mission:

  • Explore distant solar systems
  • Colonize inhabitable planets, terraform inhospitable ones
  • Search planets for resources such as upgrade blueprints and alien artifacts
  • Collect ship parts to buy upgrades
  • Thwart alien attacks while avoiding the perils of space

Casual gameplay and short rounds make Cosmic Ray a great option for killing a few minutes.

Available now on Steam.

2016 – Operation Hardcore

Operation Hardcore is an action-packed 2D side-scrolling shooter inspired by classic twitchy action games of yesteryear, but with modern touches and conveniences.

  • fight your way past enemies using a range of weapons
  • double-jump your way around obstacles and hazards
  • activate your traditional plasma-based shield to deflect enemy fire
  • drink some whiskey to slow time and increase damage (…at the expense of mental clarity)
  • strap on a jetpack and get airborne for some classic forced-scrolling challenges
  • collect coins to purchase items, weapons and upgrades between levels
  • meet or beat level par times to earn yourself a brag-worthy Badass Rank(™)
  • grab a friend for some friendly and/or competitive 2 player local co-op

Available now on Steam.


  • Code and audio editing for “Papa Pirate: Baby Bandit”, an indie game by Kinou Games (2011)
  • Sound design for Xbox Live indie game “Balls N Walls” (2011)
  • Music for “ZapEm”, a Tapwave Zodiac game created by Vicious Bytes (2004)
  • Sound design for RetroRemakes competition entry “Dig Dug” (2004)
  • Sound design for “Zappo”, an independent game by Wit Entertainment (2003)
  • Provided three tracks for the original release of the Macintosh fighting game “The Untouchable”