Adam’s range of professional services includes:

  • Custom music production for presentations, video games, commercials, recording artists, etc. Visit his SoundCloud for some samples.
  • Training: Adam has experience with a wide range of hardware (DJ gear, synths, MIDI controllers, etc.) as well as software (Ableton Live, FL Studio, etc.) and offers one-on-one sessions.
  • Sound effect production and sourcing for video games, websites, etc. Adam’s forte is in retro/arcade sound effects but he is also equipped to do foley and vocal recording.
  • Recording and mix engineering: need some help with your recording project? Adam will provide whatever gear you need for your project, as well as assistance in setting it up, recording and mixing. Check out Arcadia Sound or Adam’s solo material on SoundCloud for recent samples.
  • Game dev services: Adam is employed as the lead of a software development team by day. As such he has an extensive background in software design, programming, software development lifecycle (SDLC) and best practices. He can help to bring a new level of organization, whether technical or otherwise, to your game project.
  • Light design work: Adam has exposure to UI/UX design as a result of his day job in the software industry and has designed the majority of the posters and flyers for his shows and events (portfolio).
  • Looking for something specific not listed here? Inquire with Adam, maybe he can help.

Adam offers competitive rates (hourly or fixed-cost, depending on your requirements) and will work with you to meet the needs of your project within your budget.

Contact Adam for more info, samples or to obtain a quote for your project.