Musication update #1

So I’ve spent three days at the cottage so far and it’s working out really well — I’ve been able to focus to the point of being able to work on 5-10 tracks a day! (not from scratch, mind you, but a bit of mixing, a bit of writing, etc.) It’s a very inspirational location, too; on a bay overlooking several small islands.

I’ve posted several new mixes of WIP tunes (Swagger, Exoplanet, The Letter V), completed a new Beardsley tune, made some progress on my EP for Ambra and my forthcoming chiptune EP. I also have some new stuff in the works that I’ll be sharing at a later date.

I’m taking a “day off” today to spend some time with my wife but will be headed back for another couple days tomorrow. There’s still a lot I’m hoping to get done but so far this has been a really positive experience and definitely something I plan to do again. To any artists out there who sometimes feel like they’re stagnating: I would strongly recommend doing something like this!

Here’s a lofi pic of my setup at the cottage. Better quality pics to come:

P.S. as you can see I’ve had to put the 32″ display to use, and naturally this has led me to hook up our 32″ to my home computer for some evening gaming 😉

My musication

Some people take a vacation. Others take a staycation. Well, next month I’m taking a musication.

WTF is a musication, you ask? It means leaving behind the distractions of everyday life and hunkering down to really focus on music.

The impetus? At the core it’s the 5 day work week. By the time I’ve worked 8+ hours, gone grocery shopping, made dinner and gone for a run I have roughly 5% of my daily energy left — approximately enough to take a shower and plunk myself in front of a TV or video game

I am most motivated in the mornings which means that, at most, there are only 2 days a week where I can work on music at “full capacity”. That’s two days if I’m lucky. Between the inherent distractions of having a studio at home and the million obligations that come with being a “grown-up” (marriage, home ownership, car ownership, pet ownership!), music often loses out.

In the past, herbal therapy helped me tune everything else out, but this introduced a whole new level of complexity into the equation, i.e. it became a crutch for working on music, and often my grown-up responsibilities fell by the wayside.

So next month I’m packing up my studio and heading to a cottage for 5 days x 8 hours a day = 40 hours. That’s a full “workweek” to apply all of my motivation to music!

Should be an interesting experiment and I will post updates as the week progresses.