Deep End Mix Sessions – March 2014 – Snug & Etcha

Here’s the first installment of the The Deep End mix sessions–something I hope to make a monthly (or at the very least, quarterly) thing.

This first one is an hour-long journey through the deep, soulful and jazzy side of drum & bass. Track selection by my wife, mixed by me. Enjoy! (Also available as a 320 Kbps MP3)


Track listing:

Blade – Parts of Me
dRamatic & dbAudio – Stronger
Tim Cant – Sacred Moments
Paul SG feat. Carter – Kosato
Flowrian – Don’t Care (Soultec remix)
Malaky – Vibrate
Dynamic & Command Strange – Jazzmine
Survival – Walk On By
Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Zion Dub
Carter – The Sweetest Thing
Clart & Dave Owen – Deep Cover
dRamatic & dbAudio – Entrance to Jericho
Soultec – All That I Own
Poschek – Concept World
Furney & Paul SG – 1955
Commix – Everything
Locksmith – Love

Thursday Throwback – November 3, 2011

Late throwback today and therefore a quick one. Spent the day in Centreville for work (or as I affectionately call it, Centre-of-nowhere-ville) and heading to the Valley tomorrow with my wife. Between now and then I need to bounce some stems for The WAX record, send some work e-mails, buy and mail a gift, mail another gift, do laundry, pack, and probably 7 other things that I’ve forgotten.

As such I figured it would behoove me to post something to help calm my nerves. So here’s a tune off of Alaska’s “Arctic Foundations” album – one out of the stand-outs for me, next to Halcyon 4.1. Love the little guitar-esque sounds, the way the bass drops in effortlessly and of course the little drum work about 3/4 of the way through.

Archaic by Alaska c. 2006:

Thursday Throwback – October 27, 2011

Halloween is coming up and I couldn’t think of a more fitting tune to post than this one. You gotta love the the creepy ambience and freaky noises throughout. You can tell these guys were all about experimentation when they were writing this track.

I still have my copy of this LP and it’s one of a few LPs that I’d definitely hold on to even if I were to sell my record collection. My favourite tune off the LP is probably Resurrection feat. Ryme Tyme, which also has a bit of a creepy vibe (“the mind creepers, the soul seekers”), and FYI mixes perfectly into the Konflict remix of Karl K – Synapse 😉

Ed Rush & Optical “The Creeps” c. 2000:

Happy Halloween!

New track: Exoplanet feat. James Spray

One of my music colleagues and band-mates from The WAX (James Spray, a name you will be hearing much more often) wrote a little ambient piece a while ago. I loved the feel of the main synth pad and the sparse piano hits and immediately heard potential for a drum & bass version.

The original track was at a completely different tempo but after a bit of chopping and warping I was able to create a loop that “feels like” drum & bass speed. Using the big vocal swell was an after-thought but I feel it gels well with everything else.

My latest analog synth acquisition (DSI Tetra) also makes an appearance on this one – see if you figure out where. And if you’re curious this track was written entirely in Ableton Live using primarily native Live instruments and effects. I’ve now pretty much made a complete transition from FL Studio to Live.

Forthcoming on my next EP, “Exoplanet” featuring James Spray:

Exoplanet (feat. James Spray) by Snug

Thursday Throwback – October 6, 2011

Quick throwback today as I get ready to hit the road with The WAX for a show in Charlottetown tonight.

This week’s throwback, surprisingly, is the first track I’ve posted by Teebee. I’d definitely rank him towards the top as far as influential and versatile drum & bass producers go.

He’s written tracks ranging from deep & soulful (Capable/Guilty) right through to creepy tech-step (Distorted Information EP, the first Teebee vinyl I owned)

Here’s something that sits right in the middle, which seems to be his sweet spot.

Liquid Light by Teebee c. 2004: