New track: Minus World – Summer Wars (Snug remix)

I recently remixed “Summer Wars” by Halifax-based band Minus World to support the release of their EP. Keep an eye on their BandCamp as it will soon be available for download. In the meantime here’s a streaming version on SoundCloud:

Minus World – Summer Wars (Snug’s dub wars remix) by Snug

And if you’re into this dubby sort of vibe also check out my bootleg mashup of Saafi Brother’s Welness Farm and Together in Silence: Silence Farm

Preview: Silence Farm

Here’s a preview of my remix/mash-up of Saafi Brother’s “Wellness Farm” and “Together in Silence”. Still a ways to go, but I think it’s a solid start.

As you can hear I’ve chosen to go in a completely different direction than the originals. The concept for mashing up these two tracks came to me a little while ago but I didn’t have any specific idea of what I wanted to do with it until I started working on it.

My plan for the second half is to lose the chord progression, get kinda synthy/out there for a bit, and then end with the progression/lead. I already have the second half more or less worked out, just need to refine it a bit more before sharing.

Silence Farm (clip) by Snug

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