December mini-tour

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I’ll be making the trek from Halifax to Ottawa in December, stopping in Fredericton along the way:

I’m especially stoked on the Soulselecta show. For those who don’t know, Soulsecta was an “anything goes” (musically speaking) night that ran at Brixton’s for years. After a bit a hiatus they’re back again at their new home. This will be the second one since they’ve started back up, and I’m honoured to be a part of it (also really excited to see this “Mugshots” place)

New track: Minus World – Summer Wars (Snug remix)

I recently remixed “Summer Wars” by Halifax-based band Minus World to support the release of their EP. Keep an eye on their BandCamp as it will soon be available for download. In the meantime here’s a streaming version on SoundCloud:

Minus World – Summer Wars (Snug’s dub wars remix) by Snug

And if you’re into this dubby sort of vibe also check out my bootleg mashup of Saafi Brother’s Welness Farm and Together in Silence: Silence Farm

Arcadia Sound heads west

Well… somewhat west, anyway. We’ll be doing shows in Montreal and Ottawa next week/weekend. Here are the details for those:

  • Thursday May 3th: Montreal @ Piranha Bar w/ Snug, Velvet Glacier & Jacqueline Dumont (Facebook event
  • Saturday May 5th: Ottawa @ Dekcuf w/ Snug, Trees & Haze vs. Fiver (Facebook event

We’ll be debuting some new music as well as a new light show synchronized with our set (assuming my laptop doesn’t explode due to the sheer amount of awesomeness involved).

I’ll also be dropping a Snug DJ set on CHUO.FM Friday night (overnight) so be sure to tune in for that if you happen to be awake.

ECMA electronic no-case showcase

If you’re in the Moncton area for the ECMAs this week swing by the Aberdeen Cultural centre Thursday night for an urban/electronic no-case showcase. I’ll be dropping a couple Snug tunes (live), with James Spray on keys, and then we’ll be switching modes and performing a few Arcadia Sound tunes. Should be a time!

Head on over to the Facebook event page for more info or to toggle your attendance.