Windows 7, episode 1

So I lost my computer to a virus. Don’t ask how. I have no idea. It’s the first time something like this has ever happened in my 20 or so years of computing! I spent a couple evenings trying to save it before finally pulling the plug.

I didn’t cry, but I did swear a lot, especially since I was in the middle of working on a CD. This will set me back at least a week! Anyways, I’ve decided I’m going to try the whole Windows 7 thing. A bit risky, of course, since I use a lot of very specific software for music production. Nevertheless, since I’m starting fresh, I figure I might as well give Microsoft’s current offering a try.

Here’s my plan:

  • install Windows 7 on a fresh drive
  • install all my audio drivers and primary audio software first
  • run some sanity tests
  • if everything checks out I’ll install all the other stuff I use day to day and start migrating my settings and data from the old drive
  • if things go horribly wrong I’ll either wipe and go back to XP, or install XP on a third drive and keep the Windows 7 one for a rainy day

No matter how things go down, I’m going to document my findings here (esp. with regards to software and driver compatibility) in the hopes that they may help somebody else (or keep them from making a huge mistake!)

God speed, little doodle.

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