Windows 7, episode 2

So I started installing Windows 7 last night. Here’s what I was greeted with upon booting from the disc:

Yup. Absolutely nothing. I could hear the drive doing something, but that’s it. Thinking maybe it was an issue with my DVD drive, I tried a different one. No difference. I then put the disc in my laptop to see if maybe there was an issue with the disc itself. I received a “Loading files” progress bar almost immediately. Hmm.

Browsed the net a bit and found a few different suggestions – use a different output on the video card, don’t connect any USB devices, try flashing the BIOS. I tried the first couple options to no avail. Didn’t really see a point in flashing the BIOS since it’s a fairly new board.

Frustrated, I just left it setting at the blank screen and walked away. When I came back about 20 minutes later, low and behold:

Go figure!

So now the fun task of reinstalling everything. I started off with:

  • AVG
  • Windows updates
  • FireFox
  • Windows Live
  • FL Studio 9

No issues so far. Now, time to install an audio driver.

I downloaded the Vista SP3 drivers for my audio card (M-Audio Audiophile 2496). Upon running the first time I received a “Your OS is not compatible” message. Here’s where Windows 7 driver compatibility kicks in – I get a little pop-up asking me if I want to run it again with compatibility. Second time, works like a charm… until I go to shutdown, and it just hangs at the shutdown screen!

More Googling and I find threads about others experiencing the same problem. Here’s a fix but it’s not elegant – a logoff (or shutdown) script to stop the audio service. Note that this issue also affects the ability to go into standby, and the script does not correct this. As for the actual performance of the drivers in compatibility mode, I did notice some audible clicks but they were subtle (update: I found the Windows 7 beta drivers, check episode 5 for more info)

Next, I install my motherboard drivers. I grabbed the Windows 2003 drivers and they seemed to work just fine – I wasn’t even prompted to run in compatibility mode. I also installed my on-board audio driver and set it as the primary audio device. I was hoping that doing so would stop the shutdown and standby issues imposed by the M-Audio drivers, but no, they’re still present.

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