Thursday Throwback – May 12, 2011

(Sorry for the delay – Blogger was down last night when I tried to post)

I’m going to post up some more video game music this week. And some pretty “out there” stuff at that. But then if you’ve played the game you’d know the whole thing is pretty out there (in a good way).

This is quite possibly my favourite tune from the game. A lot of the tracks are really catchy/kitschy/whatever but – at the risk of being dubbed a lonely rolling ball of flowers – I would say this is the only one that’s “beautiful”.

@2:40: I imagine this is what it would sound like if a bunch of angels got together and threw an oldschool rave in a warehouse in the sky. And Jesus was there… at first kinda standing in the corner, behind a cloud, all awkward and shy like. But by the end of the night he would get into it hardcore, and totally bust out some crazy moves. I just know he would.

Anyway, here we go… from Katamari Damacy for PS2 circa 2004:

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