Thursday Throwback – August 11, 2011

So I’m playing a live techno set this Saturday under the monicker “Dr. Beardsley”. It’s all very bass/synth-heavy techno so I figured it was only fitting to post a classic track with a big bassline. As the majority of older techno I know doesn’t actually have big basslines we’ll have to go with a minimal bassline…

I really wanted to post Henrik B’s “Stuntman” but was unable to find it online and unfortunately didn’t have the time to upload it. Just going through my techno crates now I came across something similar though, and something much more significant and relevant.

Relevant because I played a show with this guy in 99, around the time the track was released. Not only that, but my set was…. yup… live techno!

Significant because it was at this show that I started dating my wife. (Aww, young raver love!) What really brings it all full circle is that we got married on that same day 11 years later, and will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in exactly one month from today.

So there you have it, a story of love and techno. And quite understandably, this track always sends chills down my spine.

D.A.V.E. the Drummer Hydraulix 2 side A c. 1999:

Now back to work preparing for the show!

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