Thursday Throwback – August 4, 2011

So for this week’s throwback I wanted to do a little ode to “acid” (not the drug, but the form of music – acid house, acid techno, etc.)

As I’m sure most of you are aware, it was Roland’s TB-303 that was responsible for the birth of acid. It was released in 1981 as a “bassline synthesizer”. Of course it sounded a hell of a lot more like a “synthesizer” than a “bass”, but I’m sure at least a few artists used it for its “intended” purpose.

This week’s track is one which I wasn’t intimately familiar until today. I’m sure I’ve heard it before but would not have been able to place a name to it until now. Some would argue this was one of the first acid tracks. Others might argue it was something off of Charanjit Singh’s “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat”. I’ll let you be the judge. I’m going with the former for today, but be sure to check out the later too.

“Acid Tracks” from Phuture, c. 1987:

So there you have it. I’ve learned something new today. Hopefully you did too.

Have some other classic acid tracks to recommend? Leave a comment!

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