New track: Exoplanet feat. James Spray

One of my music colleagues and band-mates from The WAX (James Spray, a name you will be hearing much more often) wrote a little ambient piece a while ago. I loved the feel of the main synth pad and the sparse piano hits and immediately heard potential for a drum & bass version.

The original track was at a completely different tempo but after a bit of chopping and warping I was able to create a loop that “feels like” drum & bass speed. Using the big vocal swell was an after-thought but I feel it gels well with everything else.

My latest analog synth acquisition (DSI Tetra) also makes an appearance on this one – see if you figure out where. And if you’re curious this track was written entirely in Ableton Live using primarily native Live instruments and effects. I’ve now pretty much made a complete transition from FL Studio to Live.

Forthcoming on my next EP, “Exoplanet” featuring James Spray:

Exoplanet (feat. James Spray) by Snug

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