Thursday Throwback – December 8, 2011

Well here it is. The last throwback. I had wanted to put together a mix of all (or most) of the tracks that I had “thrown back” over the last year, but I’m out of town and the hotel wifi is so brutally slow that it probably would have taken 12 hours just to download the tracks to my laptop. I’ll save this for another day.
Instead I’ve summoned my inner nerd (the same as my outer nerd, but slightly nerdier) to perform some data entry and mining. Here is a breakdown of throwbacks by genre:

Here’s the same thing in a word cloud:

acid breakbeat demo downtempo drum & bass house pop rock scene techno tv vgm

Overall I think this is pretty indicative of where my musical interests lie, or at least did if you were to take a cross-section of what I listened to up until 2007 (the youngest throwback), with some bias towards to the latter part of this period.
Notable exceptions include metal and punk. While I did listen to these in my youth, they never really stuck with me, so I guess I felt less inclined to throw them back.
Other interesting but ultimately useless statistics:

  • Average throwback age: 13 years
  • Estimated percentage of throwbacks written in my underpants: 79
  • Throwbacks that I didn’t feel like writing but did anyways because I felt an obligation: 5

So there you have it. If this whole exercise serves no other purpose at least Google now knows what kind of music I like (as if they didn’t already). You’re welcome, internet…

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