Arcadia Sound debut EP out now!

Well after a few busy/stressful weeks it’s finally done and available now on our Bandcamp page.

For the nerd/gear head out there:

  • the vox were all recorded at my home studio through an AKG C414, Universal Audio SOLO/610 pre and MOTU Audio Express interface
  • guitar was all direct, most of it through a little ART tube pre
  • recording and mixing was all done in Ableton Live
  • I’m sad to say that, despite owning several analog synths, everything on the record is digital (and mostly software!). Bob Moog would be disappointed in me, I know.

I’ll add pics of the actual physical product soon but in the meantime here’s the design of the CD:

We’re really stoked to be sharing our music with the world and hope you like it.

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