My musication

Some people take a vacation. Others take a staycation. Well, next month I’m taking a musication.

WTF is a musication, you ask? It means leaving behind the distractions of everyday life and hunkering down to really focus on music.

The impetus? At the core it’s the 5 day work week. By the time I’ve worked 8+ hours, gone grocery shopping, made dinner and gone for a run I have roughly 5% of my daily energy left — approximately enough to take a shower and plunk myself in front of a TV or video game

I am most motivated in the mornings which means that, at most, there are only 2 days a week where I can work on music at “full capacity”. That’s two days if I’m lucky. Between the inherent distractions of having a studio at home and the million obligations that come with being a “grown-up” (marriage, home ownership, car ownership, pet ownership!), music often loses out.

In the past, herbal therapy helped me tune everything else out, but this introduced a whole new level of complexity into the equation, i.e. it became a crutch for working on music, and often my grown-up responsibilities fell by the wayside.

So next month I’m packing up my studio and heading to a cottage for 5 days x 8 hours a day = 40 hours. That’s a full “workweek” to apply all of my motivation to music!

Should be an interesting experiment and I will post updates as the week progresses.

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