Thursday Throwback – Mar 24, 2011

Sorry for the lateness in posting this up, but lots of things on the go right now (only 3 weeks to go till the ECMAs!)

Gonna keep on the late 90s drum & bass path this week with a classic track from Optical entitled “Bounce”, circa 1998. This track would have been in rotation right around the time I was getting seriously into drum & bass. I had it on a mix tape ripped from the radio (actually, I think it was Karl Haze‘s Futurhythm show 😉 which I’m sure has quite bit of mileage.

As you can hear, and as we would go on to hear more of in his collaborations with Ed Rush, he’s s able to move effortlessly between creepy and funky. And how can you not love the drop at ~3:30.


P.S. watch for more original Snug stuff soon. Hoping to go on a writing/polishing/posting spree in the next few weeks as I have a huge backlog of tracks that are like 90-odd percent complete)

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