Thursday Throwback – March 17, 2011

For this St. Patrick’s day throwback I wanted to give you something green, but unfortunately this was all I could come up with, so as you can imagine I had to formulate a back-up plan.

Instead I bring to you a track by the classic production duo (now trio) Blu Mar Ten. This is probably the first track I heard by these guys (at least knowingly – a lot of their earlier stuff would have been featured in atmospheric mixes of the mid to late nineties).

This track has always stuck with me in some way shape or form, and I can hear myself drawing inspiration from it even today. What really got me is the synth line that runs through most of the track. I’d not heard anything like that in a drum & bass track at that time, and it’s still not all that common place. I love it though. Enjoy!

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