Enter Arcadia

It is with great excitement that I announce my newest project, Arcadia:

Arcadia is the brain-child of Adam McLellan (Snug) and James Spray (The WAX). Fueled by a common love of sci-fi, video games and new music the two started collaborating in 2011. Their ideas explore the collision of electronic music with the more conventional genres of rock and pop, resulting in volatile musical experimentation that is as gritty as it is easy to listen to. Watch for their debut EP in early 2012.

We’ve been exploring a lot of interesting ideas – often pushing one another to venture outside of our comfort zones which is always a good way to foster creativity.

Our debut show (as it stands) is March 22nd @ The Capital in Fredericton, NB, but we’ll likely make a debut in Halifax sometime over the Winter if we can find an appropriate venue.

We actually have enough for an EP now but want to let the material mature a little bit before releasing it officially. In the meantime you can find a couple demos on our SoundCloud page and we’ll be posting more over the next couple of months.

Latest tracks by Arcadia Sound

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