Thursday Throwback – November 17, 2011

When I was in grade 4 or 5 I wrote a rap song about being abducted by aliens. I guess you could say it was the first song I ever wrote.

There was no music per se, only a drum beat and a little spaceship-esque sound, both courtesy of my Yamaha PSS-280. Unfortunately I can’t remember the last little bit so you’ll just have to make something up on the fly.

I really wanted to make a music video for this but it never materialized – I simply can’t imagine the amount of success and fame I would have seen if it had!

Young me, approx 1990 (imagine spaceship sounds wherever you see “…”):

I was walking one day, to get to the mall
When I looked up in the sky and saw something small
It came down low and it began to grow
And to my surprise it was a U.F.O.
U… F… O…

That night when it was all over
I went to my friend’s for a sleep-over
I saw it again that very night
It was so bright, I almost lost my sight
U… F… O…

A man came out ???
He gave me a tag and shoved me in a bag
And took me away to outer space
U… F… O…

If you come up with something clever for the end do let me know.

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