Thursday Throwback – November 10, 2011

Going to explore some new territory this week with a TV throwback. If you don’t know this one you must have been in hibernation between the years of 1988 and 1995, when this theme song was on the air. (The show itself is still on but they’ve changed the theme. Blasphemy!)

As far as creepy theme songs this one destroys them all, hands down. I mean this makes the X-Files theme sound like a leisurely stroll with a loved one on a brisk Fall evening. It makes the Tales The Crypt theme sound like some kind of crazy, but enjoyable, medieval circus.

As a musical piece I think this thing is just brilliant. Sure the sounds may be dated but if you can look at past that I’m sure you’ll agree. I imagine this is the sort of things zombies would play if they threw parties (… who says they don’t?)

To be honest I had completely forgotten about this tune until just last week. I was working on an arrangement with Mr. James Spray of The WAX and he was describing this sound that went “waaaanh eeennh”, and I was like “that’s so totally the sound in the Unsolved Mysteries theme song!” (and also the sound my cat just made at me)

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